Happy Christmas Friends and Family

Joy to the World Audio Graph Christmas Tree Graphic
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Joy to the World Audio Graph Christmas Tree GraphicHappy Xmas friends and family. It’s been wonderful musical year having EMF playing out again, the ever crazy Bentley Rhythm Ace shows and the handful of gigs with Rach. Being back in the studio with the Live ID has been a highlight, looking forward to releasing the new material to the world next year. Thanks for everyone’s support.

I’ve totally loved the day job, best wishes to the amazing students and my fellow teacher work colleagues. It’s been a tough end to the year with dad Atkin in hospital, but everyone’s rallied around, it’s re-shown the importance of family and how we should cherish every moment with loved ones. Sonny and Marley continue to make me burst with pride daily.

Have a blast everyone and go party hard, look forward to seeing you in 2018. JA xxxx