James Atkin's Second Solo Album
- The Party Faithful - Out Now!

Following a highly successful Pledge campaign thanks to all you lovely people, James Atkin’s second solo album, The Party Faithful, is out now! Download it on iTunes or get a hard copy from my Big Cartel store. 


Singles & Remixes

Thanks to some creative folks  A Country Mile has now been re-imagined in some beautiful ways.

Singles and remixes from A Country Mile are out now on i-tunes. Check out some funky twists on the originals by Jaylamb, Warriors of the Dystotheque, Aid Todd, Vladimir and more.

James Atkin Love Blind Original
Loveblind Single
James Atkin Corresponder
Corresponder Single
Oslo - James Atkin Remix
Oslo -James Atkin Remix
James Atkin My People
Aid Todd Remix
James Atkin My People
Vladimir Remix
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Love Blind

Love Blind from A Country Mile

"Electronic basslines, acidic squelches and the same kind of infectious hooks that made the rave generation, spliced with equally catchy guitar riffs and James’ unmistakable lilting vocal."

My People

My People from A Country Mile

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