James Atkin The Party Faithful Fish Cover

The Party Faithful

The Party Faithful is James’ second solo album and follows on from the critically acclaimed debut album, A Country Mile.  After a lengthy period of international dance music success under various guises, James is returning once again to the style that initially made him world famous – great songs, huge hooks and emotive lyrics all combining to make an instant impression.

The album is bursting with melodies and haunting arrangements which at their heart feature one of the most distinctive rock/pop/indie voices of all time. 


Released: 2016

Label: ATK Records

  1. Vagabonds
  2. Come Together Now
  3. Never Say Never
  4. Only Humans Cry
  5. Role Reversal
  6. Intentions
  7. California Dreaming On
  8. Disco Damage
  9. I Hear You
  10. Theory of Relativity

Come Together Now